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instead of posting a pic of me im gonna post about my mom. my mom was the greatest woman i ever knew,she would give me money even tho she needed it.. i was selfish and took it,there’s alot of shit i regret like never saying “i love you” to her. i hope she forgave me for everything i’ve done in the past,it’s true when they say u don’t know what u got till it’s gone.. i just wish god would of just gave u another chance.. im crying wwhile im writing this but i had to just let it out.. i want you too know i got a tatt on my arm for you.. and im getting another one on my chest of your face.. i dont care how much it is.. i dont care if it looks nice.. all i really care is the meaning behind it. u are loved and will always be loved by everyone. sometimes i just sit and break down into tears just thinking about everything. i know your in a better place but oneday.. we will meet again. ps. dont worry about the family i got them in good hands i love and miss u mom.
rest in sweet peace Ngen Yen. 03.03.1962 - 08.23.2009.

Awwwwwh :’)

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